Volunteers Needed!!!

 Volunteers of all shapes and sizes needed!!!

To help with:

Hair & Make-Up applications (professional/students)

Mini-Manicures & Relaxation Massage

(do not need to be a professional) 

 Time:  Monday evenings, some Wednesdays  --  6pm to 10pm  

Find out more about becoming a volunteer or hosting an event at your salon...

 We need your talents and you don’t have to be a beauty professional to help.

Our  volunteers have a wide range of talents—some like to do nails, others  like to do basic hair cuts, some like to work behind the scenes getting  product donations or recruiting other volunteers, and some help  coordinate our annual International Women’s Day event.  We even welcome  salons who would like to host an event at their location. All you need  to volunteer is compassion and a desire to help women less fortunate  than ourselves.

LAMN! visits shelters, drop-in centres, and other  community agencies to provide the women a chance to experience a  complete self-care experience in a nurturing environment. The LAMN!  experience leaves the women feeling better about themselves and most  importantly a renewed spirit, hope, and sense of self-worth.

Although we need volunteers every month, we realize your time is precious.  We believe in flexible volunteer opportunities.

If you enjoy making a difference in the lives of others, you’ll find volunteering for LAMN! a rewarding experience.

Monthly Events

Dates at Jean Tweed

2020 Dates for Jean Tweed

Monday Evenings 

6:30pm - 9:30pm approx.

February 10th

March 9th

April 6th

May 4th

June 1st

June 29th

July 27th

August 24th

September 21st

October  19th

November 16th

December 14th

Directions to Jean Tweed

Cumberland House

Self Care Evenings every 4th Monday

6:15pm Set Up

6:30pm to 9:30pm approx.

Female Volunteers Only

Approx. 15 to 20 clients

Request for :  Hair, Makeup, Massage & Mini Manicure/Paraffin

Volunteer Now!